Here at Real E Great, we understand the the hard time you might be going through right now.  It’s not easy when you’re being FORCED to sell your home! A lot of people in this position receive letters, or even get approached by strangers, inquiring about buying their home. This may seem like a blessing, but be careful!  A lot of these inquiring strangers are what we call sharks, and they wait to prey on distressed homeowners. Of course, we see the value in your house, and the difference between us and them is that we intend to keep your dignity and, most importantly, your satisfaction, in mind. Our NUMBER ONE goal is to help YOU!  We want to make sure that you are comfortable with the deal we offer.  We are only trying to help make the best out of the situation you are in.  If it is not a win/win situation for both of us, we will be up front and tell you.  We ALWAYS treat our customers with respect and kindness, as if you were a part of our family. As far as we are concerned, our clients ARE part of our family!