What We Do

We Make a Living Helping People

Everyone needs to make a living and we think everyone should have a passion about what they do.  We are truly blessed to enjoy the benefits of working in Real Estate while helping others out of their situations.

We were once in a situation where we had no money and the bills kept coming in.  The mortgage couldn’t be paid simply because we didn’t have it.  We thought we were going to end up being homeless, living in the streets.

Fortunately, someone came to help us.  They purchased our house, at a discount, for cash.  They worked with the bank and made an agreement with them that worked in our favor.  Not only did we not end up homeless, but we were able to start over again with a pocket full of leftover cash because they made such a great deal with the bank. 

We loved their passion so much that we decided to follow in their footsteps.  Today, we purchase homes, no matter what the condition or the circumstances, at a discount and sometimes offer them to another investor or fix the place up ourselves and either sell or rent the property. 

This is how we make OUR living now.  We hope to get the opportunity to help you and your family as well.