Who We Are

We are a Family of Investors

We are a family business, made up of Real Estate Investors, whose passion it is to help people and make a living at the same time.

We have four of the BEST employees a company could ask for, one of which is our daughter.  In the past year we have been blessed to double our staff.  Last year at this time there were only TWO employees.

We live by the Five Fs

  • Faith – no matter what everyone’s belief is, we respect each person’s choice and love them all the same.
  • Family – Everyone involved in our business, whether they are an employee or a customer, is considered part of the family
  • Fitness – If we are not healthy, we can’t help anyone, including ourselves.
  • Fun – We all need a break to have fun.  We build this into everything we do and we hope to include you in the fun
  • Finances – We try to help each of our employees succeed and teach them how to invest in their future and we offer this to our customers as well.

We look forward to hopefully having you join our family.